Felix Austria Tournament
Hosting by TDA

Felix-Austria-Tournament 2006

A short english overview for guests from abroad.


FAT 2005 For the third time now, the FAT (Felix Austria Tournament) will host the Austrian Diplomacy Championships, and thus be our National DipCon. FAT is also the Austrian part in the EGP (European Grand Prix) and part of the mid-european 'Vier Chancen Tournee'. FAT 2004 has been a successful return of the Austrians to the wordwide hobby. FAT 2005 was even more international and thrilling than the first one. And it's still getting better... We got some impressions in our photo-section here.


The FAT 2005 will take place Friday, July 28th until Monday, July 31st. The four rounds will be played on Saturday and Sunday. Right, this is just some days before WDC in Berlin. See also A Vie-Ber.


Herrgottschnitzerhaus Like last year, we located the FAT 2005 at 'Hohe Wand', a wonderful national park close to Vienna (it's even possible to do some hiking over there). We are coordinating your journey if you want us to and help you to get there and back again. We offer shuttle-service from Vienna Airport, for example. Don't hesitate to contact us.


At 'Hohe Wand', we offer three types of accomodation. See the Sign up page for details.


FAT is organized by the 'Tu Felix Austria' Team. For any questions contact Sebastian Beer.

A Vie-Ber

Two outstanding European DipCons within 10 days and how we are going to connect them


The "Felix-Austria-Tournament" (FAT) is the annual Austrian Open Championship, and thus the NDC as well as the Austrian contribution to the "European Grand Prix" and the mid European "4 Chancen Tournee". The FAT is, all kinds of modesty aside, considered one of the most charming events in Europe. Located one hour from Vienna in a beautiful natural resort (stunning view included), we use a more than hundred years old, rustic house as accommodation and venue, play dip during the day and enjoy the evenings playing, drinking and making friends.
Definitely more than just a warm-up for the WDC...
Contact: Sebastian Beer


BerliCon, a classic among the middle European diplomacy conventions, will host this year's WDC August 3-6. It will be a Seven Star Convention:

* Stay and play in one hotel
* A fuss free journey
* City&Nightlife close to the venue
* Sightseeing and guided tours
* Our typical con family atmosphere
* The experienced team
* The whole package for 89 EUR
* And as the 8th star: the Vie-Ber trip

Already more than 100 players registered!
Contact and booking: Julian Ziesing


Between FAT (ending on Monday, July 31st, noon) and WDC (starting on August 3rd, evening), there is a total of three days without Diplomacy. THREE DAYS WITHOUT DIPLOMACY?????? Exactly. So a lot of time to kill...
There is a whole lot of things one can do in these days. Searching for traces of a musician-who-must-not-be-named in Salzburg, drinking beer in Prague, doing something of whatever people do in Passau, Weimar, Jena or one of the other interesting cities on your way from Vienna to Berlin, or whatever comes to your mind.
Or you could go with the chef's suggestion and choose


We hope to welcome you at FAT 2006, and look forward to meet you at what is said to be the most charming Diplomacy-event throughout Europe. :o)