Felix Austria Tournament
FAT 2006
Fr. 28.7.2006
Mo. 31.7.2006


The idea

The idea of Vie-Ber is to assist those players attending both tournaments in spending the days between FAT and WDC in an unforgettable way. There will be a program called "The Program" (no poets in our team, you see...) for those of you who think that we pretty much guessed right about how you would get a maximum of fun out of these days. Here is our suggestion:

The Program


Vienna Coming to Vienna from FAT, we (Sebastian and Clara) will take you on our very special "Vienna at night" tour or just relax, play some games, go out for a beer or two... depending on your gusto.
On Tuesday, after a typical Viennese breakfast we'll explore Vienna and show you some touristy spots as well as some places the average tourist won't experience.
[More details... soon to come]


Tuesday evening we will depart from Vienna and take the night-train to Mun, leaving at 11.30 pm and arriving on Wednesday at 6.21 am. This will save you time and money.
[More details... soon to come]


Munich We will have the whole Wednesday to spend in Munich. We are sure, there is pretty much to discover and experience in this city that is so important on the Diplomacy-map. Pity, we don't have a clue about where to go and what to see over there. Thanks god, Holger (a local, and also attending the FAT) offered his help and guidance through his home city (he definitely knows where to go and what to see).
[More details... soon to come]


Thursday morning we will take the wonderful Deutsche Bundesbahn from Munich to Berlin. The WDC officially starts at 3 pm, so there's a train leaving 8.46 am from Munich to be there almost in time. On the other hand, dinner in Berlin is scheduled for 6 pm, so can also take the train at 11.10 am and be there right in time for the dinner (or any other train that leaves between 8 and 11).
[More details... soon to come]


Berlin You finally made it to Berlin, the hosting city of WDC XVI.

Registration and contact

If you would like to take part in the Vie-Ber precon trip, please register for both conventions and send an email to vie-ber@diplomacy-bund.de. That's also the right contact address for questions and comments.

Here you can register for FAT:

To register for WDC BerliCon, please send an email to:

Other ideas

We are pretty sure, you are all grown-up people (well... SOME of you MIGHT be grown-up :o) and might have your own ideas of how to spend three days between FAT and WDC. You may want to do something completely different during that time. You might as well want to adopt SOME of our suggestions, while others don't really attract you. Maybe you want to stay in Vienna for three days. Maybe you hate trains and want to fly from Vie to Mun. Feel free to create your own Vie-Ber! If so, we will do our best to support you if that is what you need.

A summary of options is available here. In case you have any questions, please contact us in the forum or by dropping us a mail to vie-ber@diplomacy-bund.de