Felix Austria Tournament
FAT 2009
6th - 9th August 2009

FAT 2009

A short english overview for guests from abroad.

About FAT

FAT 2005 For the sixth time now, the FAT (Felix Austria Tournament) will host the Austrian Diplomacy Championships, and thus be our National DipCon. We are also the Austrian Station of the EGP (European Grand Prix) and part of the mid-european 'Vier Chancen Tournee'.
We got some impressions of the last five years (2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008) in our photo-section here.


FAT 2009 will take place Thursday, August 6th until Sunday, August 9th.


FAT 2005 FAT is a four-rounder. The four rounds will be played on Friday and Saturday (two on each day, as you might have guessed).


Like every year, we located FAT 2008 at 'Hohe Wand', a wonderful national park close to Vienna (it's even possible to do some hiking over there). We are coordinating your journey if you want us to and help you to get there and back again. We offer shuttle-service from Vienna Airport, for example. Don't hesitate to contact us, especially if you come a long way.


FAT 2005 Standard accomodation will be the venue itself, the 'Herrgottschnitzerhaus'. We are playing in a little cottage in the middle of nowhere. This is, where we also get our meals. There are about 17 places to sleep in communal bunks (you need a sleeping bag for that). This is the cheapest and of course not most comfortable possibility to spend your nights, but it's definitely fun (and if you get 'tired', you pretty much just drop where you stand).

Price for the whole weekend including three nights and three meals a day: 60.- Euro.

There are, however, two other posibilities for people who want a bit more comfort. In a small privat guesthouse close to the venue, for example. Too far to walk, probably, but we'll try to organize a shuttle-service to and from the venue. You sleep in rooms with two beds here. But it's real beds at least. Bit more comfort, bit more to pay.

Price for the whole weekend including three nights and three meals a day: 90.- Euro.

Or you can stay at the local guesthouse, the 'Kohlröserlhaus', the most comfortable way to spend your nights at 'Hohe Wand'. You got rooms with two beds.

Price for three nights including three meals a day: 150.- Euro.

The 'Kohlröserlhaus' also offers a suite for 3 persons (two beds in the sleeping room, 1 sofa in the entrance room of the suite).

Price for three nights including three meals a day in the suite: 140.- Euro.


FAT 2005 FAT is organized by the 'Tu Felix Austria' team. For more informations in english or personal solutions to individual request, please do not hesitate to contact us

Clara Bretschneider
Sebastian Beer

We are looking forward to meet you at what is said to be the most charming Diplomacy-event throughout Europe. :o)

Your FAT-Team