World Diplomacy Convention XVIII
WDC 2008
Thu. Aug. 14th, 2008
Sun. Aug. 17th, 2008

Ber - Vie

Take World DipCon in Austria. Add BerliCon in Berlin. You get Ber-Vie. The double convention in August 2008.

Which neighboring countries on the Diplomacy board are least likely to attack each other in 1901? Germany and Austria. These two just go together well. After Vie-Ber in 2006, we proudly present Ber-Vie in 2008. Again, we will start with a popular local convention, then we will go on a little trip through middle Europe, and at the end we will meet everybody at the World Dip Con, all within 10 days. Only this time the other way around, first Ber, then Vie.

BerliCon: August 8-10

In other words: 08/08/08 (American notation), or 08/08/08 (British notation), or 08.08.08. (German notation). (We are not sure about French, maybe someone can add it?)
The 5th edition of Berlicon will be held in a cozy venue close to the city center. As usual, we will have one place where we can play and stay, with gaming rooms open around the clock, good German beer and the option to play football and beach volleyball. Prices for the 4-bed-rooms will be very low. However if you prefer to stay at a nice hotel, that can be arranged as well. The tournament will be free for foreign guests.

The trip from Berlin to Austria: August 11-13

The route depends on where everybody wants to go. Via Munich? Prague? Bratislava? Dresden? Budget or high standard? We are open for suggestions; and in the end there might be different groups. Or you want to go on your own. We are happy to help you with recommendations where to go and how to book so that you will have a great time between the 2 conventions.

WDC XVIII in Austria: August 14-17

Within 4 years the "FAT" in Vienna advanced from an insider tip to one of the most popular conventions in Europe. Now the same team invites the global Diplomacy community to a special location in Austria: Burg Lockenhaus. They will even pick you up in Vienna and take you all the way to your room in the castle. If you seriously need more reasons to book, click on "home".. because this is actually their website. ;-)

Interested in BerliCon or the Ber-Vie trip? Contact us at: You can register or ask for more details, both about BerliCon and the Ber-Vie trip.

Stab you soon!

The BerliCon organizers and the German Diplomacy Association (Julian Ziesing, Stefan Unger, Dirk Brüggemann, Julia Kitz, Frank Bacher) And the organizers of WDC XVIII 2008 (Sebastian Beer, Herbert Bieber, Clara Bretschneider, Simon Fandler, Günter Hopf, Georg Kotschy, Mathias Schmerbach)

Berlin Prague Munich Vienna WDC 2008